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WAYS Summer Wave 2015

Freddy K:


One of the most important exponent of the rave roman movement in the early 90’s: with his radio show and records shop “Virus” and several releases on
“ACV Rec.” becomes one of the best techno artist in Italy and Europe.
Alongside his first album “Rage of Age” 1994 (3rd place on the french and german magazines “Out Soon” and “Frontpage”) produces several remixes for Robert Armani, Dave Clark and Adam X.
Collaborates with Sandro Nasonte for Elettronica Romana LTD. and Re-Mix recordshop.
Plays in the best italian clubs such as Jaiss, Cellophane, Red Zone, Goa, etc.
Attendes historic techno/house festivals like: Evolution 1 (1995), World Dance Convention, Garden of Eden, Metropolis 1 in Switzerland, Arcadia Paris in France, Megarave in Holland, raves and events in Belgium, in the club “MDM” Moscow, Culture Box in Copenhagen and during the “Italian Fashion Fair” in 1996.
With his staff was the offical public relator who represents Italy at the “Energy” in Zurich and produces in Rome the one night event “Oxygen”.
Resident in the project called “Diabolika Level One” at the club NRG in Ciampino (Rome) and for various years at the “Jaiss” club and the Cosmoproduction events in the “Fortezza da Basso” in Florence.

2010 starts the label “Key Records”, partner on “M_Rec LTD” and his artists management”K1971″, in terms to discover new talents and support famous artists.
Now based in Berlin where collaborates with Tresor Club for a series of parties to promote his booking agency “Unbroken”.
Since 2013 is resident techno dj at the event “Homopatik” at ://about blank Club Berlin.

“Freddy K […] raised with the ABCs of roman techno, and then some aesthetic signs learned on the records of Lory D and Leo Anibaldi, and then a couple of striking 12 ” Control EP, ’94 and ’95 EP Soundz and than the album Rage of Age 95, tracks such as ” Nessuno puo` (Nobody can), Noi non ci fermeremo mai (We won t ever stop us)”, and the anthemic “Roma” told since the beginning the epic rave-community-horror of “Sound of Rome” with bombastic kicks and abrasive sounds from euro-clash and American post-Robert Armani techno.”

from TECHNO-Storia, dischi, protagonisti_CHRISTIAN ZINGALES_2011

Techno under every nuances and colours: dark, classic, solid, experimental, minimal, hardcore, acid…
His music culture builds an energetic and elegant mix of deep surprises and swindle textures with a constant originality and creative experience.
Freddy was an influent protagonist and point of reference for two generations of techno followers: a teacher on the deck with the true spirit of 90’s and the new rave school touch.

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