KANGDING RAY [raster-noton | stroboscopic artefacts] + HIVER


Kangding Ray HYBRID [ raster-noton | Stroboscopic Artefacts ]

David Letellier nasce nel 1978 in Francia. Vive e lavora a Berlino. I suoni di Kangding Ray riflettono un’ampia cultura musicale che combina musica elettronica a strumenti tradizionali per creare una suite ritmica sottile che integra rumori e micro-rumori, muri di distorsione, linee di basse frequenze, voci e field recordings per creare tracce tra noise-pop, dubstep e sperimentale. Le performance dal vivo sono intensi momenti di sperimentazione. Le tracce sono ricostruite sul palco attraverso stratificazioni di strumenti diversi: sintetizzatori, drum pads o chitarre. Il risultato è una miscela di profondi groove e atmosfere cupe, che si potrebbe descrivere come abstract bass music.
Nel 2006 Kanding Ray entra in contatto con Carsten Nicolai, il coordinatore della leggendaria etichetta Raster-Noton. L’incontro fra i due porta alla pubblicazione di Stabil, album d’esordio di Kangding Ray, che riceve consensi entusiastici dalla critica mondiale. Seguiranno Automne Fold nel 2008, Pruitt Igoe nel 2010, OR nel 2011 e The Pentaki Slopes di recente pubblicazione.
Il suono di Kangding Ray trova conferma in tutto il mondo affermando il proprio stile con tour che lo portano a suonare dal vivo nei più importanti festival di musica elettronica, a Tokyo viene invitato da Ryuichi Sakamoto a partecipare all’evento di commemorazione di Nam June Paik.
Sakamoto lo coinvolge anche nel progetto Stop Rokkasho al quale Letellier collabora con una traccia, Xom. La musica di Kangding Ray viene utilizzata in diversi progetti video tra i quali un cortometraggio, U-5, del video artista francese Nicolas Lelièvre.

Hiver [ CURLE | VIDAB ]

The project is the result of an encounter between two minds: a sound designer and a sound engineer.Giuseppe and Sergio were born in the same town divided by only a few hundred meters, but they only met each other when they both moved to Milan.

They started working on music together and from the many nights spent creating their sound the tracks produced started being noticed by various European labels.
From then on, they understood that their productions could have an interesting sound and a unique importance.
Their first release was signed by Vidab Records (a well-know German label).
They then went on to remix a track for Oliver Deutschmann – on his Out of the Dark album remixes.
The success of these two works gave them the opportunity to play all around Europe in the following months.
In a short time they have fine tuned their sound and achieved another goal of releasing an EP on Curle Recordings which includes a remix by Tobias.
They now have a residency at the Dude Club in Milan and their sets are made up of a precise merger of techno, house, dub and mental sounds.
Nothing is left to chance in their productions and everything has a clear structure that is studied in every single detail.



Alfredo Mazzilli [ Planet Rhythm | WAYS ]

Alfredo was born in a small town of south Italy, Trani.
Since he was child, he shows a great passion for the music and the first approach it was been with the guitar.
At the tender age of 11 years, he approaches with a different music world, with electronic music and he starts to producing too.
Knowing and working with different organizations in Puglia, he played with some big artists, like Rodhad, Redshape, Tadeo and Unbalance.
In 2013, he joined with “Ways”, organization party of south italy, like resident, with a such good opportunity to perform with a famous artists:
Svreca, Francois X, Dj Skirt, MAX_M and Dino Sabatini and Hiver.

Currently works at the Planet Rhythm Records Netherland label founded in 1994 by Glenn Wilson.



VISUAL | DualBit

GRAPHICS: Maria Luisa Suriano